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Association Manager:  Elise Hamner

Office Staff:  Larissa Stewart, Volunteers

Citrus Belt USBC Association 
is a merged association 
under the jurisdiction of the
  United States Bowling Congress.


Citrus Belt USBC
  667 W. 2nd St., 
San Bernardino CA 92410
  909- 381-4599, fax 909-381-4884

Hours:  Mon-Thurs 8 am - 5 pm
Closed Fri-Sun and major holidays:
Memorial Day, July 4th, 
Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and
Christmas-New Year's 
Day 2018 (exact dates TBD) 



Book Average

NOTICE:  The date on which book average is established is now May 31 (not April 15).  
Secretaries - be sure your final average submittal to Citrus Belt 
includes all bowling, including sweeps, in a league that ends prior to May 31. 

Certification Fee

NOTICE:  CERTIFICATION FEE INCREASED TO $21 effective with the 2016-17 Winter season.  In early 2013 USBC Nationals relinquished control to the local associations to issue awards to Youth this season and Adults in 2014-15.  Our board members have spoken with a number of you and indicated the majority enjoy receiving recognition for their bowling accomplishments.  We have managed to maintain our dues at their current level, but to fund these awards it was necessary to raise the dues by $2.00.  We do value your opinion; as we roll out these new awards please let us know what you think or if you would like to be involved with any of our committees.  For the 2016-17 season, State dues increased by $1.  Therefore the total certification fee is now $21.

Membership Applications

TNBA Adult, TNBA Youth

Citrus Belt

Note:  several types of awards require print-out; some have average maximums.

See Forms Page.


USBC Award Application Forms (this link goes to USBC website)
High Score - Adult/Youth (300, 800, 11-in-a-row) 
Special Achievement/Adult, Special Achievement/Adult Sport
Special Achievement/Youth, Special Achievement/Youth Sport
Team Achievement


League Sign-up Sheet
USBC League Operations Manual   (pdf at website)
League Officer Changes (pdf)

Non-Payment Checklist, Letter to Bowler, Meeting
See also: Resources page

Other Resources
Baker 300What is Baker? Rule Book*
BVL - Bowlers to Veterans Link Sport Bowling*
Find a Bowler's ID* Volunteer Program* Youth Bowling*
Qualifying Rules for Average-Based Awards  
USBC Rule 53 ) 


Effective with the 2011-12 season, 
75 pins over average (game) and 140 pins over average (series) are eligible for award.


The following applies to any award earned based on average:


  1. If 12 games or more have been bowled in the league in the current season, 
    use the current average.

  2. If less than 12 games in the current season, 
    use last seasonís final average for 21 games or more from the same league.

  3. For a new bowler in the league with less than 12 games, 
    use last seasonís highest USBC average for 21 games or more in any USBC league.

  4. For a bowler who has not established an average in the preceding season, 
    the highest USBC average of 21 games or more from the summer league just completed shall be used.

  5. In a summer league, when a bowler has not established an average in the preceding season, the highest USBC average of 21 games or more from the regular season just completed shall be used.

  6. A new bowler in a league who has not bowled 12 games in the current season can use a current USBC average of 12 games or more, from another league.

  7. A bowler who does not have an acceptable USBC average for comparison is not eligible for recognition.

* These links are to the USBC website

Last Updated:  02/13/2017