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Citrus Belt USBC Association 
is a merged association 
under the jurisdiction of the
  United States Bowling Congress

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Citrus Belt USBC
  667 W. 2nd St., 
San Bernardino CA 92410
  909- 381-4599, fax 909-381-4884


Elise Hamner, Association Manager

Office Staff:  Larissa Sedler


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Hours:  Mon-Thurs 8 am - 5 pm
Closed Fri-Sun and major holidays:
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving and
Dec 16, 2022-Jan 2, 2023,
returning on Jan 3, 2023




Question:  What is "Baker"?

Answer:  The Baker System is a modified format consisting of teams of two or more bowlers.  (See USBC Rule100a.)

  1. All team members follow each other in order, each bowling a complete frame, until a complete game is bowled. 
  2. Ten frames are combined to calculate a team game.

Question:  I bought my certification card in Summer League.  Do I need to buy again in the Winter league?

Answer:  Yes. 

Question:  What is considered a Summer league?

Answer:  A league that starts after March 15 and before August 1 is a summer league.

Question:  How much is the certification fee?

Answer:  For 2017-18, the certification fee is $25 comprised of the following:

$  2.00 State program
$13.00 National one season membership, August 1 through July 31 (or October 1 for summer leagues and/or tournaments), plus these, and more:  Regional playing rules, bonding,, and member rewards program.
$10.00 Citrus Belt dues:  funds the Association office which gives you personal service.  Expenses are(the usual expenses associated with any office, such as rent, utilities, wages, office supplies, etc.  The Association Manager and staff process memberships and league information, provide support for bowling centers, maintain verifiable averages, provide rules interpretation, maintain Hall of Fame records, conduct local tournaments including the BVL tournament to support veterans, provide website for users -- - and provide the local awards program to reward our bowlers to fill the discontinued program of the USBC awards.


More questions?  Ask Citrus Belt or view the USBC Rulebook.




Last Updated:  11/28/2018