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Association Manager:  Elise Hamner

Office Staff:  Larissa Stewart, Volunteers

Citrus Belt USBC Association 
is a merged association 
under the jurisdiction of the
  United States Bowling Congress.


Citrus Belt USBC
  667 W. 2nd St., 
San Bernardino CA 92410
  909- 381-4599, fax 909-381-4884

Hours:  Mon-Thurs 8 am - 5 pm
Closed Fri-Sun and major holidays:
Memorial Day, July 4th, 
Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and
Christmas-New Year's 
Day 2018 (exact dates TBD) 


2015-16 Committee Assignments

Audit Sandy White Mary Margaret Hamner, Bill Lotspeich, Linda Keller
Average Book Pam Meeker Stephanie Edwards-White, Nita Schmidt
Awards Glenn Hugelmaier Richard Bois, Johnny Valentine
Budget/Finance Mary Margaret Hamner Daniel Lorentz, Sandy White, Bill Lotspeich
B V L Edddie Mote Sid Golding, Pam Meeker, Nita Schmidt, Phosie Lotze
Hall of Fame Nita Schmidt Phosie Lotze, Norris Turner,  Daniel Lorentz, Curt Snyder
Lane Inspection

Todd Makovsky

William Little, Brad Le Count, Raymond Milhon
Nominating Pam Meeker Therese Lloyd, Stephanie Edwards-White
Policy & Procedure
(Operations Manual)
John Lee Wendi Hammon, Bill Lotspeich
Publicity/Historian Frank Weiler Area Directors
Rerate Mike Raddeman All Vice Presidents
Scholarship Pam Meeker Nita Schmidt, Phosie Lotze, Travis Burks, Bridget Burks
Secretary / Director
of the Year
Phosie Lotze Glenn Hugelmaier
Sustainment Vince Wood Johnny Valentine, Mark Hugelmaier
Uniform Curt Snyder Sonja Harrison
Tournament Rules Mike Raddeman Elise Hamner, Vince Wood, William Little, Rick Hill
Kevin Westerman, Robert Snyder II, Mary Andruczyk, Mark Dyer

     Tournament Special Events

Open Rick Hill Glenn Hugelmaier, Mark Hugelmaier
Women's Wendi Hammon Sonja Harrison, Joyce Olson, Therese Lloyd
Mixed Doubles Dave Hammon Wendi Hammon, Jessie Wine, Kendall Mc Iver
Open Doubles Daniel Lorentz William Little, Jessie Wine, Raymond Milhon
Open Seniors Curt Snyder Dave Hammon, John Lee, Patrick Nila
Youth Richard Bois Travis Burks, Bridget Burks, Mark Hugelmaier

Last Updated:  02/15/2016